Our promise to dogs in need

Give back to those in need

Caring about dogs is not just melting when you see a puppy or that thrill you feel when you are petting dogs. Caring about them is realising that whilst some have great lives, other are not as lucky.

Caring for them is realising you have to take action and if all of us animal lovers did, the world would be a better place for it.

Our promise to you is that when you buy some selected I Dog You products, we will donate a percentage of our profits to those in need. Starting with Venezuela because it is what hits closer to home. 

You might be thinking you do not believe in donations... me neither, I like to see what I give getting to the right hands. 

Sign up to our newsletter where you will be able to see us donating anything from food, to day to day care products and medicines to associations in Venezuela who take in all dogs being abandoned due to the crisis.

As Venezuela’s economic crisis had deepened with inflation soaring toward 1 million percent, (yes it sounds ridiculous but it is what it is) dog food and veterinary care spiraled out of reach for millions of people. One kilo of dog food, for instance, now costs nearly the equivalent of three weeks’ salary for a minimum-wage worker. The result has been an exploding population of abandoned dogs on the streets and rising numbers in underfunded shelters. Although there are no reliable national figures on the phenomenon, officials from eight shelters in the capital, Caracas, said they had seen a roughly 50% rise in the number of pets left at their facilities this year. At the same time, pet adoptions have a dropped by as much as a third and they clearly need our help. 

We want to have an impact, not only in Venezuela but anywhere where help is needed. We aim to start long lasting relationships with the below shortlisted organisations:

Donations for the next 6 months:

- APROA Asociación Pro-Defensa de los Animales Venezuela

Upcoming 2021 Donations


- Wood Green UK

- Animal Sanctuary

-Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) Phuket, Thailand

We and they thank you in advance for your support

If you do not wish to buy any products or do not have a pet, but you still would like to lend a hand, click here to donate through our GoFundme campaign.

We dog you too!!