About Us

Vanessa Coulthard and her Yorkie Dragao

It all started with a passion!!

Woof!! This is me and my dog Dragão 

My name is Vanessa and I am the owner of I Dog You.

I always had a passion for dogs and I was eager to have my own business. After many years of trying to come up with an idea of something that didn't exist I realised I could just get something that exists and make it better. Better in quality, in price and orientated to my true passion: dogs.

I am from Venezuela and I currently live in Paris. I have to say I love how much people spoil their pets in Europe but unfortunately it does not come at a cheap price and sadly many people can't afford to buy apparel for their pets. 

If you got this far on my site, you are probably one of those people who buy clothes for their pets. If you are not, then I hope I can change your mind through our pet store.

Dog clothes should not only be to protect our best friends from winter and rain. After all, who said fashion was just meant for hooomans?

I believe our 4 legged friends can look stylish and pampered without having to spend an incredible amount of money. It could be you want something for a special occasion such as Dragao on the picture above, being the ring bearer on my wedding or, you just want your doggie to be the centre of attention at the park. Perhaps you just want a cute outfit for your Christmas or Halloween pictures. 

Whatever the case is, our little spoiled friends have the right to look their best at any occasion and I hope I can help you do just that.


At I Dog you pet store we care about quality

The apparel items in our IDY pet store showcase our own collections of dog clothes handmade in Portugal with the best materials and in our Boutique you will be able to find other products for pet care, toys and a selection of functional merchandise for your doggie's day to day activities.


What are you waiting for?

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